Italian Beef Egg Rolls

What you need:

32 oz Marconi Premium Blend Cooking Oil

1 package Spring Roll Skins

1/2 Pound your favorite sliced and seasoned Italian Beef

1 Jar Marconi Giardiniera.  (Any Heat Level you prefer)

8 oz Shredded Cheese * (We use mozzarella, but whatever you like works even if you want to skip the cheese all together)

1 Cup Chopped Spinach and Broccoli Straws

1 Cup Beef Juice/Drippings/Gravy


What to do:

In a small Sauce Pan, heat oil to a temperature of between 350-375 Degrees. *

Monitor oil temperature at all times, and do not leave unattended.

While oil heats up, prep your spring skins.   We use a rice based store bought skin for this application.  Before filling, these need to be soaked in water to hydrate for rolling.  We actually soaked them in the beef drippings/juice to hydrate.  They only need to rest in the liquid for a few seconds, enough to work with and roll.

Once hydrated, take your skin out of the liquid and lay flat on a dry surface.

On the far side of one of the skins, place a piece of Beef, your vegetable mix and cheese, and a nice teaspoon of Giardiniera.  What you are going for is enough filling to get an even bite.  Roll tightly the shell around the filling in a shape of an eggroll.

Place on paper towel to allow to dry for a few minutes.

Once dry, drop the eggroll in your frying pot with a long set of metal tongs and let fry for 1- 2 minutes or until it becomes a nice golden brown.

Set each out  out on a drying rack or another paper towel to dry for another 2-3 minutes and enjoy while still hot!


Italian beef Egg Roll

*Here are some safety points to keep in mind when deep frying at home:

Deep-fried foods are a tradition in many families, and when done properly, there’s very little danger involved. Follow the tips below to ensure safety while deep frying at home:

  • If using a pot to deep fry, make sure to have the following equipment ready: metal tongs, thermometer with pot clip, a large, heavy pot with a tight-fitting lid; baking soda or all-purpose flour
  • If using a purchased deep fryer, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully
  • Never leave a deep fryer unattended
  • Use a thermometer to regulate oil temperature properly
  • Don’t overfill a fryer or pot with oil; foods will displace oil and may cause spillage
  • Wear long-sleeves while frying in case of splatter
  • If frying a turkey or other large foods, it’s best to deep fry outside
  • Foods dropped into hot oil should be dry(ish) and free of excess water, marinades, etc.
  • Always allow oil to fully cool before handling or discarding

In case of fire:

  • Do not use water to put out the fire
  • Do not attempt to move the pan, pot, or fryer
  • Cover pot or pan with a heavy lid
  • Douse fire with baking soda or all-purpose flour to smother flames
  • Do not attempt to fight the fire if it spreads
  • Call 911

*Please review online guides of deep frying in your home kitchen especially if you are new to home deep frying.