Marconi Giardiniera–> A Simple Tutorial.

Marconi Giardiniera.

The taste you grew up with.

Even Centuries ago, folks who had gardens in their homes grew more food than they could consume as it was fresh.  And before the days of freezing and refrigeration, other methods had to be used for such preservation.  This meant canning the vegetables.

There are a number of different produce canning methods available, but our Marconi Giardiniera is based off the old Sicilian Method of packing vegetables in oil.  The term Giardiniera, derived from the Italian word meaning, From The Garden, is a great reminder that simple classics can also mean the best flavor.   A few twists and turns aside over the years, we have a process that gives Marconi Giardiniera an impeccable flavor matched with a great texture and bold, crisp colors.

Although the application of Giardiniera has been around over 100’s of years, Marconi Giardiniera has been most popularized in the past 30 or so in the Chicago area, and is really picking up steam all across the country with the help of Foodies and Chicago Transplants all over.  Mostly known for its use on the Italian Beef Sandwich, Marconi Giardiniera is a product that goes great on everything!  Check out our growing list of recipes for some great new ideas.  From Eggs to Hot Dogs, to Burgers and Meatloaf, Marconi Giardiniera and all its variations are sure to spruce up your favorite dish.  Save the oil to cook with for an infused treat.  Bake the peppers in a casserole or pizza.  The options are endless.

A Perfect Slice with Marconi Giardiniera

Meatloaf Sandwich with Provolone and Marconi Giardiniera

Orzo, Quinoa, Grilled Shrimp with Marconi Giardiniera Relish and Sun Dried Tomatoes

The best part about Marconi Giardiniera and Pepper products is the freedom they give you to be creative.  Marconi Giardiniera isn’t just a spicy treat to make your food hot.  We are all about the flavor.  And while are Hot Version packs a nice punch, we also offer Medium and Mild.

Make Marconi Giardiniera a Part of your Culinary Innovation today!


We are always on the look out for new recipes.  Do you have a great recipe featuring our product?  Contact us.  We’d love to showcase it.

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