The Great Debate

We love Olives.

We have been selling olives for over 100 years.

We love Giardiniera.

We have been selling Giardiniera for over 100 years.

Vincent Formusa, early 20th Century

Now here’s where things get funky.  We don’t put olives in our Giardiniera.

As you probably remember from our Giardiniera Tutorial, Giardiniera means, “From The Garden.”

Our Giardiniera consists of Peppers, Celery, Carrots, Cauliflower, and Gherkins; all items that can be grown in the garden.  And back in the earlier days of our Company, we would import cured garden vegetables direct from Italy.  Wanting to stay true to our roots, we haven’t strayed far from that original blend packed today.

Marconi Hot Giardiniera

So we don’t put olives in our classic Giardiniera Mix.  But there is no need to panic.  We have plenty of options for olive lovers all over.

We pack most every olive you can think of.  Pitted, Whole, Green or  Black, we pack them all.  We also have several tasty olive blends including our  Marconi Olive Salad and New Orleans Marconi  Muffaletta Mix.  No matter what taste you are looking for, we got you covered.  And if you love Olives in your Giardiniera…don’t worry, just mix and match any of our great olives to your favorite Giardiniera blend.

So to recap.  Marconi Giardiniera has no olives in it, but Marconi Packs almost every olive you can think of, and we encourage olive lovers to mix our products together to please their pallet!


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