Rolling with the Beef

An Egg Roll is one delicious food.  It’s comes in a wide variety of forms and fillings and works great as an entree, appetizer, or simple snack.

Seeing as Italian Beefs and Egg Rolls are two of my favorite foods, it seemed only logical to combine the two to form an amazing and delectable dish!


The journey to this started with the right ingredients for the job.  So as I walked down my grocery store aisle, I saw a number of different Egg Roll and Spring Roll Skins.  I decided to roll with the Rice Based Spring Roll Skins (pun intended) because I thought they’d hold up a little better while Frying and thought it might be tasty to dehydrate them with the beef juice/drippings.

For this recipe, I did not make an actual roast, but I used a very good sliced Italian Beef.  In order to avoid yet another internet war on which beef is better, let’s just leave the choice of beef you use up to you.

I picked up all the rest of my supplies needed and headed home.  Now, I’m always extra careful when deep frying in my house, so included in the full RECIPE page for this post are some simple safety tips to keep you and your kitchen in good shape.

Having gotten that disclaimer out of the way, the first thing I did to start this was get the oil heating up to at least 350 degrees.  Optimal range is between 350-375.  Higher than that and you are are flirting with smoking oil in your kitchen and nobody wants that.  Its always a good idea to have a thermometer in your oil while deep frying to monitor the temp.  Too low a temp and you won’t have the desired crispiness or consistency we are looking for and too high as mentioned already  you risk smoking or burning oil.

While the oil heats up, prep your skins.  Like I said already I soaked the skins in the Beef Au Jus to hydrate.  After that, I laid them out on  a prep surface and snuck in a nice dollop of Broccoli Slaw, Cheese, Giardiniera, and Beef.  The key I found was rolling the Egg Rolls evenly as well as getting a nice consistent amount of filling.  Enough for each bite to contain some topping but not so much that it is overflowing.

I prepped a bunch, set them out on a paper towel for a few minutes to dry up a bit.

Italian beef Egg Roll

I had the oil heating in only a small pan, so it was just enough room to do one at a time.  I fried them each for about 2 minutes so they got to a nice crispy golden brown.  Again I placed them on a drying rack so the excess oil came off.

The end result was a spicy and crispy mash of goodness.  This recipe took a bit more work than normal, but when we were eating them after they had finished it was completely worth it.

For the full recipe breakdown, please click here.


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