Super Sliders with Marconi Giardiniera Relish

“Marconi Giardiniera Relish is the most overlooked condiment in the history of the world.” -Anonymous contributor to this recipe.

Many people I know including my wife are firm believers in the above statement, and they do their part to continue to fuel the Marconi Giardiniera Relish machine.  We’re always on the lookout for great recipes, but in terms of simplicity and taste, this one is easily a top fiver.  As a matter of fact, we’ve been patiently waiting for the right day to prepare this.  Even though it’s so easy we wanted to make sure we’d all be home to enjoy it the day it was made.  (The leftovers are amazing too, I’m eating them right as this is being composed for lunch)

So we got our hands on some Boneless Chicken Breast and Thighs. (You can use either or both, its you preference)  Throw the chicken in the slow cooker, dump a jar of Marconi Giardiniera Relish, (we went with the Medium Heat level) and half a jar of Marconi Low Italian Dressing, cook on high for 5 hours, pull it with two forks to your desired consistency level, add the rest of the Italian Dressing and maybe a bit of Chicken Stock and cook another 45 minutes or so, and you are set.

Now I love sandwiches and I made these on Pretzel Rolls with some nice coleslaw and melted Muenster Cheese.  We added some Roasted Corn on the Cob as a side and had an amazing meal.

Even the pickiest of eaters (my kids) enjoyed it.  We had a lot of fun playing around with this recipe and will be sure to use it again in the very near future.  But we had so many leftovers (another plus) that we’re set for a few days in the Lunch and Dinner department.


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