The Eclipse is coming….

On Monday August 21st, the US will get a view of a solar eclipse.  We haven’t seen a solar eclipse with this much blockage since 1925!  This Eclipse will be visible by a large part of the country and last a couple hours, peaking for the Chicago area at approximately 1:19 PM when 87% of the Sun will be blocked by the moon!  Its a monumental event that happens only a handful of times (if that) during a person’s life.  Here’s what you need to know to make the viewing spectacular…including some of our totally biased food suggestions.


  1. Get the right Eye Wear.  Its not a good idea to look right at the sun without the proper eye protection.  Solar Eclipse Glasses are available at many of your neighborhood hardware stores or convenience stores.
  2. Get outside!  Luckily for us the eclipse will run right through lunch time hours.  Try to plan your day to make time to get outside for lunch and take peak at the action in the sky.
  3. Enjoy some good food.  Mondays are Mondays.  We like to keep it simple.  Check out our recipe page and take a look our Marconi Chicken Salad.  Its easy, tasty, and satisfying. If you will be viewing the Eclipse with a group of people and are looking for something to nosh and share, try out Party Dip!



A little excitement on a Monday afternoon goes a long way.  Whether Astronomy is a passionate hobby of yours or (like me) this is a whole new experience, take the time to enjoy this once in a lifetime activity.


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