Breaded and Baked

I go to the grocery store and I usually have a plan.  Not just a list, but an idea of what I want to cook for most of my family’s meals over the next week to two weeks.  If an item has been added to the list, it will be purchased at that trip to the grocery store.  I don’t often cave into impulse buys, but I will however pick up some sort of meal base (usually a protein) that may not have been on the list and throw it in the cart.

This will be for a meal that I don’t necessarily have planned at the time of my shopping but now I can make work with whatever I have in the pantry at home.

Fast forward to this week at the Grocery Store.  I picked up some lovely thin Boneless Pork Cutlets.  They made their way into my fridge and put aside for a night this week that wasn’t already set in stone.

When it came time to make the Cutlets, I decided on a pretty classic dish with a little spicing up. In my pantry I had a tin of Marconi Italian Bread Crumbs.  I figured this chops were small enough that I could get an easy breaded coating on them and cook them in the oven for just a few minutes and have them come out beautiful.

So I grabbed all my ingredients and got to work.

After making an egg bath and dredging each cutlet in the Breadcrumbs, I topped each one off with Marconi Hot Giardiniera as well.  I drained off most of the oil, but did let a small bit drizzle right on top of each cutlet as I spooned the Giardiniera on.

After cooking only for about 12 minutes, the Cutlets came out and looked delicious.  I served them over some brown rice and Fresh Steamed Vegetables along with a slightly chilled glass of Riesling.  (It was 91 degrees in Chicago today!)


The full details of the recipe can be found here.  But in the end, the whole family loved the final result. (That doesn’t happen often)

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